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Here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc., our goal is to help business and individual website owners to increase their rankings on search engines. As you may already know, this is something that can only be accomplished via search engine optimization or “SEO” steps.

SEO Process

Let’s say that you own a small flower shop in Miami. If an online user wishes to have flowers delivered to a certain address, he or she will do a quick search on Google, Yahoo or Bing for “flower shops in Miami” or “cheap Miami flower shops”. Once the results appear, the person’s first instinct would be to click on the websites appearing at the top of the list shown on the results page. If your website is listed at the bottom, or even further on the second, third or fourth results page, there is a very small possibility your website to be visited.

This is where our SEO expertise comes in. With the help of our game-changing organic search engine optimization methods, you can rest assured that your site will appear on top of the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages, in no time at all.

The techniques that we utilize to boost the ranking of your website on search engine results pages include:

Content Development/Copywriting
Competitive Analysis
International Search
Keyword Research
Link Building
Local Search Optimization
Mobile SEO
Online Public Relations
Press Release Optimizations
Shopping Search
Video SEO
Website Optimization
Web Marketing Analytics

If 90% of online users click on the websites that appear on the first page of SERPs when they quickly look up a certain keyword or key phrase, just imagine how many visitors will be coming to your website. These visitors have the intent of buying, which is why they did an online search in the first place. These visitors will turn into more traffic generated to your site, resulting in an increased web presence, and further resulting in sales conversion.

There’s no doubt that if you wish to establish your online presence, increase the traffic generated to your site and boost your conversion – the best way to accomplish this is through SEO. At 1804WebSolutions, Inc., we offer top-of-the-line SEO services that will serve as a game changer in the way that your site performs against direct competitors.

Keyword Research

In every search engine optimization campaign, the best first step is keyword research and analysis. Here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc., that is exactly the route utilized to help increase your site’s rankings on the search engines. To find the right keywords, the following questions are answered:

What is your website or business’s target audience?
When your target market does an online search, which keywords are they most likely to type on the search engine box?
Which keywords do your competitors use? Do the keywords get them a higher ranking than your site on search engines?
How relevant is a particular keyword to the industry that your business is in?
Once a keyword is chosen, will it generate a high return on investment?
By taking these things into consideration, we can come up with just the right set of keywords to use in optimizing your site for the search engines.

Competitive Analysis
Our primary goal is not just to make your website appear on top of the SERPs, but also to maintain its position there. This is something that can only be achieved through competitive analysis. Which companies are considered as your direct competitors? Which keywords are they using to rank on search engines? What does the competitor’s website look like? By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a competing website, we can create an online marketing campaign that will make your site’s rankings soar to number one. The final aim is to have your website reach the top rankings on search engines – and have it stay there for a long time.

Link Building

Perhaps one of the most complex steps used in SEO is link building. Here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc., we have a team of individuals who are experts at link building. They know which techniques to use in link building – starting from choosing the links to the actual link building.

The goal is to come up with an effective link building campaign that will help your website match what your direct competitors have to offer. Take note, however, that link building is a tedious, intricate process with results that take time to show up – so it pays to be patient.

Website Optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting
How many times have you heard the adage “Content is king”? Does this still apply to SEO today? Yes, but it has to be paired with other key steps in search engine optimization. Nobody will visit your site if it’s content is rarely updated. The same thing holds true for websites that do not have good quality content.

These days, search engines know how to index new and unique content. This means that working hard on your web content is key if you would like to boost your site’s rankings on search engines. Here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc., we have long realized the importance of quality content development and copywriting in SEO, and that is exactly what you will get. The copy that our writers will deliver is valuable, unique, has a clear message that goes right through the heart of your target audience, and is something that will make the search engines take notice.

Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization

Unless you’re already in the broadcasting industry, it will be quite costly to launch a Public Relations campaign for TV or radio. Online PR is the way to go, and this is something that we have already mastered here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc. We know how to launch an online public relations campaign by submitting press release articles to PR publishing websites. Not only will this help boost your SEO campaign, but it will also help spread the word about your website. When you hire us to do SEO for your website, one of the many steps is online public relations and press release optimization whenever new products are launched through your site, or whenever updates or new developments are up for release.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Very few website owners realize the importance of local search engine optimization. Even if you have a website that sells an original product to a national audience, for example, it still pays to focus on local SEO first. Once you have made your target market aware of the product that you are selling, this awareness will increase twofold once you launch an overall SEO campaign.

In local SEO, our focus is to include location modifiers on keywords. Using the previous example – if you are a local flower shop in Miami – the name of the state can already be a location modifier. Using the names of specific cities or counties for a narrower, yet more specific, search can localize even further.

Another important aspect of local SEO is the inclusion of your business in geographic maps for local business listings. Once you have this on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other major search engines, it will help immensly in your SEO campaign. Through local search advertising, you can target the consumers who are directly within the premises of your business’ operations.

Mobile SEO

Part of 1804WebSolutions, Inc’s efforts to be current with the latest techniques in optimizing websites for search engines is mobile SEO. With the popularity of browsing using mobile devices, smartphones and tablet computers, your site will be left behind if it does not take measures to be compatible with mobile devices. We have updated our SEO techniques to include mobile optimization, so that your website can be viewed in a format that’s optimized for mobile gadgets.

Shopping Search

If you have an e-commerce website, we know how to conduct search engine optimization in such a way that the online shopping habits of online users will be considered. To get the best prices on products and services, the instinct of online users is to compare what different vendors have to offer. When your site ranks well in online shopping searches, this means that the conversion rate of your website will be higher.

Video SEO

What about video search engine optimization? Just look at the success of viral videos and you will realize the importance of video SEO for your own site. Our SEO campaign here at 1804WebSolutions, Inc. includes steps which are specifically designed for video search engine optimization. With the help of related keywords, videos for search are optimized and this is paired with the overall SEO techniques for your site to produce desired results.

Web Marketing Analytics

Once your site’s ranking reaches the top, it has to stay there – this is where monitoring and analysis comes in. With our expertise in web marketing analytics, we can continuously observe the performance of your website in certain aspects. Once the data is collated, we will know exactly what to do with it so that your site will not just reach top rankings, but stay there for a long time.


Finally, 1804WebSolutions, Inc. offers reporting and KPI or Key Performance Indicator monitoring services. No matter how well-designed and optimized your website already is, there will always be room for improvement. Through our regular reporting and KPI monitoring, you can rest assured that your website will be on the ever-elusive top position of search engine results pages.

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